My name is Giorgio Chiellini. I was born in Pisa on August 14, 1984, as well as my twin brother Claudio. Fabio is my dad and my mom is Lucia. I have one brother and one sister: Giulio and Silvia. .
I graduated from Enriques Senior High School in Livorno with full marks, and then I chose to enrol at the Faculty of Business and Economics in Turin
dove ho da poco conseguito
where recently i have take my first degree. Happily married with Carolina in 2014 , and more recently I have a new love beyond football... Nina..I'm the happiest dad in the world
I started playing football at six in Livorno 9 F.CÖ.and to think that as a child I just wanted to play basketball; Iím a basketball fancier and a great follower of the Kobe Bryantís Lakers.
When I was 13 I moved to Livorno F.C., where I started playing as a left midfielder, then as a full-back. After Livorno F.C. was promoted in the Italian Football first division I moved to Juventus F.C., Fiorentina F.C. and that, I went back to Juventus F.C., where I passed from the glory of being the first division (A) championship winners to the second division (B) tournament, and then back to the top division, fighting to win both the Italian Football Championship and the Champions League.
Season 2011/2012 was amazing! I won SERIE A SCUDETTO with Juventus and i reached EURO2012 final.
My hobbies are similar to yours own: sports, videogames, music, movies and books. My dream is: to raise the World Championship, someday, somehow, wearing the Italian National Football Team shirt, and to win the Champions League playing in Juventus F.C.