2000/01 Livorno C1 3 -
2001/02 Livorno C1 5 -
2002/03 Livorno B 6 -
2003/04 Livorno B 41 4
2004/05 Fiorentina A 37 3
2005/06 Juventus A 17 -
2006/07 Juventus B 32 3
2007/08 Juventus A 30 3
2008/09 Juventus A 27 4
2009/10 Juventus A 33 4
2010/11 Juventus A 32 2
2011/12 Juventus A 33 2
2012/13 Juventus A 24 1
2013/14 Juventus A 31 3
2014/15 Juventus A 28 0
2015/16 Juventus A 31 0
In the summer of 2005, ages 21, I went back to Juventus FC which, at that time, was coached by Fabio Capello, and where, after a difficult start, I made my way as a left-back. At that time we had won the Italian Championship on the ground, while next Inter FC won it by adjudication.
I stayed with Juventus despite its relegation and, during the 2006/2007 second division championship I played as a first string. It was the first time I had been deployed in central defence by Didier Deschamps.
Wearing the Juventus black-and-white shirt I scored my first goal in the Italian Championship during the match against Napoli and wound up the Second Division Championship with 32 matches played and 3 goals, including two goals scored in Arezzo on the day of promotion to First Division.
Returned to the First Division in 2007/2008, aged 23, after playing as a left-back for a while I was moved permanently to central defence. I scored my first goal wearing the Juventus black-and-white shirt on September 2, 2007, during the second day of the Italian Championship in Cagliari-Juventus match, which was scored 2-3 thanks to the “victory-goal” I scored at the 90th minute of the match.
The championship ends with 30 game played and 3 goals (two goals against Lazio FC). We were ranked third in the First Division Championship: this allowed us to reach the Champions League qualification.
However, to me, the season was not at an end, since I was capped for the European Championship to Austria and Switzerland.
After my “main-character” performance during the European Championship, the 2008/2009 season opened with the Champions League, August 13, 2008 where I scored my first "European" goal against Artmedia Bratislava.
The Juventus season was made of ups and downs: exciting moments like the victory at the Bernabeu against Real are opposed to bad beats with Lazio in Italian Championship. Although we won no trophies, we ranked second in the First Division ahead of Milan thus improving compared to the 2007-2008 season.
This season had good basis to start with and to do well during all competitions, the gap with Inter FC and Milan FC had been reduced but, in order to plug it completely we had to create a strong and united group.

Winning a major trophy wearing this shirt: this was my priority!


Cagliari - Juventus 0-2 a Trieste, il giorno della vittoria dello scudetto...un emozione indescrivibile.
World Cup

started very young playing in the national football team with the Under-15 team, winning a European Championship with the under-19 national team, up to the senior one, where I started playing at the age of 20, on November 17, 2004, during the Italy-Finland match (1-0), under the guidance of our coach Marcello Lippi.
logogorilla I took part in the Under-21 Championship in 2006 and 2007, where I wore the captain's armband and scored 2 goals. I finish my adventure with the Under-21 in 2007 with 26 appearances and 6 goals. I was capped for the Beijing Olympics that, unfortunately, I could not attend because of the preliminaries of the Champions League.

On November 21, 2007, during the game against the Faroe Islands, I scored my first international goal with a powerful left-kick from outside the area.
In 2008 I was one of the 23 players capped by coach Donadoni for the Euro 2008 where, from the second match of the round on, that was Italy-Romania (1-1) on June 13, I started playing in the central defence together with Panucci.

I played as a regular player also against France and Spain, helping to maintain inviolate our National goal... unfortunately, that time, the penalty kicks against Spain penalized us.
In 2009 I played for the Confederation Cup in South Africa. The results of our Italy have been less exciting, but personally I feel it was a great experience to me, and useful to me and my team-mates.

I am currently engaged for the latest Football World Cup qualifiers in South Africa 2010, in which we must defend the title of World Champions.

Italy - Spain (Quarter-final - EURO 2008)
22nd June 2008

Perhaps the most beautiful I've done, I use to watch it again when I feel the tension of those days.

Italy - Far Oer 3-1
21st November 2007
It was the only one, but it was very nice, such a great joy to me! Anyway, as well as in Juventus I hope to score more goals and to play games to remember cause I'd love to win something back ... also in the National Football Team!
Juventus F.C., once back from the Olympics, loans me to Fiorentina F.C., for me to gain experience in the top division.
Aged 20, I debuted in the First Division the 12th September 2004, during the Roma-Fiorentina match, wearing Fiorentina purple shirt.
figurina In Florence, I am the regular left-back player. Thus, I got to be capped for the national team of Marcello Lippi. I debuted on November 17 of that year.
Playing in Fiorentina FC I made a save during the final day, totalizing 37 appearances during the season and 3 awesome goals against Lecce, Parma and Juventus. .
Roma - Fiorentina 1-0
12 Settembre 2004
My debut in the First Division at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome. We lost but I had a good game, I was excited!
Fiorentina - Parma 2-1
13th February 2005

The most beautiful goals I've scored in my whole career, a great shot ended in goalposts.
I started playing very young in Livorno FC, my hometown football team, playing in the Third Division.
After having played for three championships as a reserve, in the summer of 2003 I won the UEFA Under-19 European Championship together with my team-mates and I became one of the protagonists of the triumphant cavalcade of Livorno FC towards the Second Division during the 2003/04 season, which culminated with the historic promotion of Livorno FC to the First Division.
In 2003, Rome FC acquires my registration, but in 2004 I was given back during the transfer window, since at that time Rome FC could not shed market operations because of the financial crisis.
After a few days I was sold to Juventus.
Piacenza - Livorno 1-3
29th May 2004
It was the game we got the promotion to the First Division! It was such a great joy for me, since I’m first and foremost a supporter of Livorno. Living that moment as a protagonist is a memory I will always carry with me.
Livorno - Messina 3-0
8th October 2003
It was memorable because it was the first I scored as a professional player.
Titoli conquistati nei Club

Campionato Italiano di Serie A 2014/2015 - Juventus
Coppa Italia 2014/2015 - Juventus
Supercoppa Italiana 2015 - Juventus
Supercoppa Italiana 2015 - Juventus
Campionato Italiano di Serie A 2013/2014 - Juventus
Supercoppa Italiana 2013 - Juventus
Campionato Italiano di Serie A 2012/2013 - Juventus
Supercoppa Italiana 2012 - Juventus
Campionato Italiano di Serie A 2011/2012 - Juventus
Campionato Italiano di Serie A 2005/2006 - Juventus
Campionato Italiano di Serie B 2006/2007 - Juventus
Campionato Italiano di Serie B 2003/2004 - Livorno
Campionato Italiano di Serie C 2001/2002 - Livorno

Titoli conquistati in Nazionale

Bronzo Olimpico (2004)
Campionato Europeo Under19 (2003)
Titoli individuali

Inserito nel Dream Team Uefa nel Campionato Europeo Under21 (2007)
INominato nell'Uefa Team of the Year (2008)